Specialty Vehicles: Patient Transfer

Patient Transfer Vehicles

Due to limited options and availability, patient transfer companies purchase decommissioned ambulances and then struggle to appropriately maintain these vehicles due to the high costs. We can provide you with a modern, reliable solution.


It is estimated that there are approximately 500,000 non-emergency medical transfers/year in Ontario alone.

Available evidence suggests that there are concerns with the quality and safety of patient transfer vehicles such as poor patient safety protocols, inadequate equipment, lack of infection control, poorly maintained and/or aging vehicles and more. Many of these vehicles also boast notoriously poor fuel efficiency.


Rowland Emergency builds a patient transfer vehicle on a brand-new fuel-efficient Ford Transit platform. We leverage our best practices and technical knowledge of ambulances when building patient transfer vehicles. Any modification we engineer and integrate for our patient transfer vehicles are CMVSS compliant.


Rowland Emergency addresses the unmet vehicle needs for patient transfer vehicles by ensuring that the vehicles are built to the highest quality and safety.