Patient Transfer Vehicles

Helping you give your patients the white glove treatment

Patient Transfer Vehicles are used to transport non-emergency patients safely and comfortably to and from scheduled hospital treatments and rest home transfers. Vehicles can be on the road virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and consequently must be able to perform consistently and reliably to deliver on patient and care provider expectations.

We can produce a variety of patient transfer vehicles for a diverse range of mobility needs. Through our in-house manufacturing and customization capabilities, we can complete a conversion with your preferred vehicle to comply with the CMVSS Standard.

Click to read a case study on how Rowland Emergency is addressing the unmet vehicle needs for patient transfer by manufacturing modern, reliable and cost efficient vehicles.


There is a growing need for patient transfer vehicles capable of providing stretcher access to and from medical centres. We can custom configure your patient transfer vehicle to accommodate the secure transportation of a stretcher to the interior layout of an existing vehicle or upfit a new vehicle with customizable configurations.


Patient transfer vehicles can require a wide variety of equipment such as a defibrillator, oxygen supplies, blood pressure equipment, needle dispensing containers and more. Whatever your unique needs, we can design and install custom equipment containment systems that meet the needs of your personnel and patients.


With this option, we can modify your patient transfer vehicle to include accessible transfer seating. We include bench seating as well as attendant seating. These specialized seats are designed to enhance the ease of patient transfer and provide a higher standard of care for the patient. By incorporating accessible transfer seating, your patient transfer vehicle will become more safe, versatile and efficient.

Ford Transit 350*Project*

We are currently building a Patient Transfer Vehicle designed and built on a Ford Transit 350 platform. This Ford model is a delight to work with; it’s reliable, easy to service, fuel-efficient and comes with an exceptional warranty. It also boasts 68.5” floor-to-ceiling clearance which is even roomier than your traditional ambulance. Features include upper cabinets and driver’s side shelving, a crew bench with storage capabilities, and seating for four (including the patient) with a sealed window in between the patient compartment and the cab which can open and close. The vehicle can accommodate a variety of EMS equipment such as Stryker Power-LOAD and traditional antler type and, naturally, meets Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Schematic for Patient Transfer Vehicle