Stretcher Accessories

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Our stretcher accessories are designed to enhance operational efficiency and ensure safety, organization, and accessibility. These items are used to support emergency medical service professionals in delivering prompt and secure patient care during critical moments, helping streamline processes and minimize response times.

Types of Stretcher Accessories

Cot Mounts

Our cot accessories are engineered to be versatile and efficient, ensuring that cardiac monitors are securely fastened on Stryker stretchers in the ambulance during transport. These vital systems help prevent movement of your cardiac monitor, providing needed safety to patients and emergency providers alike.

Stryker Stretcher Accessories

Enhance your Stryker stretchers with our specialized Stryker cot accessories. From improved ergonomic features to additional mounting options, these enhancements are designed to elevate the functionality and ease of use in emergency scenarios.

Ferno Accessories

We offer a range of Ferno accessories tailored for Stryker stretchers, focusing on enhancing safety and efficiency. Each piece is crafted to enhance the unique features of Ferno products, ensuring seamless integration and reliability.

IV Pole Accessories

Our IV pole accessories include a variety of poles designed to maintain stability and accessibility of IV pumps and ventilators during patient transfer.

Success Stories

Rowland Emergency has set a benchmark in EMS vehicle and equipment safety with our proprietary cot-mounted systems. Recognized as the gold standard in North America, these cot-mounted systems for cardiac monitors have been instrumental in enhancing safety and reliability in emergency transport.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports over 4,500 emergency vehicle accidents annually in the U.S. alone. These incidents often result in injuries not just from the collision, but also from unsecured medical equipment moving within the vehicle.


To combat this risk, Rowland Emergency developed a cot-mounting system that securely fastens portable medical devices like the ZOLL X Series and Stryker LIFEPAK 15 defibrillators. Our systems undergo rigorous testing and are certified to meet stringent government safety standards. These innovations provide crucial stability for equipment, ensuring it remains fixed during transit.


Our cot-mounted systems have been widely adopted by paramedic services across the United States and Canada. They have proven to significantly improve workplace ergonomics and efficiency, while also safeguarding paramedic and patient safety during transportation. This adoption underscores our commitment to providing solutions that meet the real-world needs of emergency medical services.

I would highly recommend Rowland Emergency to any EMS provider. I have been working with them for over 35 years and they have always provided top-notch parts and service for all our EMS fleet needs. This three-generation Canadian family business is a pleasure to deal with.

Ralph Hole - Commander, Fleet Operations & Facilities
Toronto Paramedic Services

From recommending which off-road unit to purchase, to sitting with us and designing every feature, to working with us every step of the way to ensure our paramedic team was receiving the best possible product for our response purposes, we were extremely impressed with the professionalism and high quality put into our final product. Thanks to Rowland, we are confident our emergency response exceeds all levels of expectations of the public we serve.

Timiskaming Paramedic Services Team

We are pleased to work with Rowland Emergency for all our emergency response vehicle needs. Rowland has built their business model on exceptional customer service coupled with innovative solutions, exceptional build quality and high-quality workmanship. After 15 years of ordering Rowland-built vehicles, they have never failed us and are our logical choice for mission-critical vehicle needs.

Chief, Paramedic Service, Northern Ontario

Rowland Emergency is a remarkable partner when it comes to vehicle challenges. Scott prides himself on addressing unmet needs and creating custom solutions/products in collaboration with his clients. As a third-generation business, Scott and Blake continue to hold customer service as a foundational principle established by the founder, Grant Rowland.

Paul Charbonneau, Past President
Paramedic Chiefs of Canada, Chief, Frontenac (Rt'd)

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About Rowland Emergency

Since 1957, Rowland Emergency has been at the forefront of providing end-to-end custom EMS solutions. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the needs of emergency medical service providers, we strive to deliver products that meet the highest standards of quality and innovation. Our mission is to improve emergency medical care and response, ensuring that patients receive the best possible outcome.