Rowland Emergency Stryker Services

Maintenance & repairs

It’s important to make sure that your Stryker equipment is working efficiently and performing at its peak, both so it consistently functions properly in the field and so that you can enjoy its use over its entire seven-year service span. We can collaborate with you to put a maintenance plan in action and send our specialists to regularly service your equipment at your place of work, ensuring it’s always ready at hand. We’re also uniquely equipped to repair underperforming Stryker products, all backed by our industry-leading service warranty.


There are a lot of moving pieces involved in incorporating a Stryker stretcher, fastener system and/or stair chair into your EMS vehicle. We are as meticulous in our workmanship as we are knowledgeable in the Stryker portfolio of EMS products and can complete your installation at market-leading speed.

Buy-back program

Has your Stryker equipment reached its end of service? Through our competitive buy-back
program, you can get some funds back for your end of service Stryker Emergency Care equipment, which we then refurbish to supply our non-EMS clients. You can then use the funds to help offset the cost of purchasing new Stryker Emergency Care equipment. Contact us for a quote now.

Video support

We know it’s not always easy – or cost-effective – to have us perform minor maintenance and repairs on your Stryker equipment. As your industry partner and to make your life easier, we have produced a number of videos so you can DIY when the need arises. Should you prefer, you can also download various Stryker Operation/Maintenance manuals from our website now.