Storage Solutions

Save space, time and headaches

to saving lives. Before we create any vehicle storage system or accessory, we gather valuable input from our customers who play a central role in helping us develop solutions from beginning to end. As a result, we understand the intricacies and complexities of the paramedic work environment. This consultative process ensures that we create vehicle storage systems and accessories that add value every day and on every call.

Our EMS custom storage solutions can be included with any of our in-house upfitting work or also available as a stand-alone order for fellow EMS upfitters across Canada and the US. All our storage solutions come with full installation instructions as well as a jig/template to ensure a precise and reproducible installation.

For an in-depth overview of our complete range of storage solution options tailored to meet the dynamic needs of EMS professionals, we invite you to explore our 2024/25 Storage Solutions Guide. This comprehensive guide is designed to assist you in finding the perfect storage solutions that align with your specific requirements, ensuring that your emergency vehicles are equipped with the best tools for maximum efficiency and organization. Discover our latest innovations and how we can support your mission to save lives with the most effective storage configurations.

Features include:

  • Lightweight MiG-Tig welded aluminum box for good strength, rigidity and dimensional stability
  • Rustproof and durable
  • Top shelf protected with thin plastic liner
  • 500-lb. rated extra-heavy-duty slides
  • Large paddle handles with reliable rotary latches for secure opening and closing
  • Tracking with belts to secure
  • Magnets hold drawers in the full open position
  • Engineered to affix radio equipment,
    fire extinguisher, flare case
  • Choose 1 or 2 drawer configuration plus interior with rubber mat and adjustable dividers
  • Engineered to meet Ministry Land Ambulance & Emergency Response Vehicle Standard

Options include:

  • Fully customizable for suit your storage needs
  • Oxygen bottle holder
  • Fire extinguisher bottle holder
  • 5-lb fire extinguisher bracket
  • Inverter & 120V outlet
  • Built-in safety screen
  • Defibrillator battery charger mount
  • Flashlight mount
  • Flexible chain guard to protect power cord
  • And more… ask for details


Rear Cargo Storage

Rowland Emergency's certified Rear Cargo Storage Solution sets the standard for durable and functional emergency vehicle storage. Constructed with lightweight MiG-Tig welded aluminum, it offers strength and rigidity. Rustproof and durable, it features 500lbs rated extra-heavy-duty sliders, secure rotary premium latch mechanism that is tested to meet Ministry Standards. With customizable drawer configurations, rubber mats, and dividers, it accommodates equipment securely. 

Custom center console

Rowland Emergency's Custom Center Console provides an ergonomically correct and tailored storage solution for emergency vehicles. Built to exact specifications, it blends functionality and customization seamlessly. With customizable face plates to meet your needs. Designed for radio/computer equipment integration, it ensures quick access. Trust Rowland Emergency for a customized and certified storage solution.

Side storage solution

Rowland Emergency's Side Storage Solution optimizes emergency vehicle storage. With a split design, it maximizes space utilization. Built with durable materials, it ensures longevity. Featuring MiG-Tig welded aluminum, and secure latches, it offers reliability. It provides ample storage, while accommodating specialized equipment. Compliant with Ministry Standards. Versatile and efficient, it delivers easy access and affords customizability.

Brackets and Holders

We make custom brackets and holders to support various pieces of equipment located in your ambulance or Emergency Response Vehicle.

What they are:

  • Computer pocket with
  • Helmet netting
  • Glove box holder
  • Floor tracking with
  • Door pocket netting
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Virox bracket
  • Go-Light Bracket
  • Purell Bracket

Plus many more for any other unique requirements.

Rowland Emergency Narcotics Safe

We can custom-design, manufacture and install a narcotics safe to integrate with your other vehicle storage systems for maximum space efficiency. Our safes can either be upfitted to fit seamlessly with existing storage or we can develop an integrated storage/narcotics safe system from scratch. All Rowland-built safes are key-controlled (no electronic locking option).

Knox® MedVault® Narcotics Safe

Medical drugs and controlled substances require top security, yet EMS personnel need immediate access during an emergency. Knox MedVault reduces the risk of drug diversion while maintaining employee accountability.


  • Only authorized paramedics with authorized PIN codes have access to the secure storage Incorporates KNOXCONNECT®, a cloud-based administrative software that acts as the central hub to run reports and sync, configure and manage electronic devices, users and data
  • Data gathering is streamlined for regulatory and licensing compliance reporting
  • System updates and transaction records are automatically processed to reduce administrative processes
  • Override key can be a manual key or eKey (full audit trail with override)