Specialty EMS Vehicles

Getting you where you need to go

We are dedicated to being Canada’s true, fully integrated one-stop-shop for EMS vehicle solutions. We have a long and proud 50+ year history of developing customized solutions that address the unique needs of health units everywhere. In our ambition to better deliver solutions for our customers’ needs, we have expanded our offering to develop specialty vehicles that answer to unique challenges such as off-road terrain, a need for more compact-sized vehicles and even a desire to integrate the latest sustainable technologies.

All our specialty vehicles are designed, engineered and perfected in-house by our emergency vehicle experts. We’re laser-focused on innovative problem-solving and engineering solutions to the biggest transportation challenges our clients face all day and every day, which makes Rowland Emergency the ideal supplier to answer to your unique specialty vehicle requirements.


Rowland Emergency has designed, engineered and manufactured a variety of off-road all-terrain ambulances to answer to Canada’s uniquely rugged terrain. This emergency response unit affords paramedics the ability to help patients in remote and hard to access areas.

Click to read a customer success story on how Paramedic Services use our all-terrain ambulance to help patients.

  • Some of our modifications include: Ferno #9 stretcher and mount, backboards, Scoop compartment (under the stretcher mount), gas shock powered rear bed door with a fold-out step, defibrillator mount, oxygen bottle holder, flare case, Whelen speakers, a siren mounted to the bush bar, and a grill-mounted winch.


Traditional gas-powered ambulances are often not the ideal solution for special events and street festivals. We manufacture mini electric-powered ambulances that help maintain public safety during special events. The mini-electric powered ambulance is able to navigate smoothly through large crowds without producing unwanted exhaust fumes.

Click to read a customer success story on how Paramedic Services use our mini-electric ambulance to help patients.


A mobile work centre is one of the most useful vehicles in your fleet during a major emergency, natural disaster and more. We can design your mobile work centre on the chassis of your choice to boast a variety of features including dynamic workstations, fixed bench seats and ample customizable storage space.


Rowland Emergency offers a range of innovative solutions to support logistics operations. SpaceKaps® provide additional storage space, allowing for efficient organization of bags and equipment. For enhanced comfort, an optional heater with ESPAR is available, ensuring optimal temperature to protect critical equipment during transportation. The increased vehicle capacity affords towing capabilities in Rowland Emergency's logistics operations vehicles enables the storage of additive equipment required to support first responders during mission critical events.

  • Vehicles Include: Ford F-Series (F-150, F-250, F-350), Chevy Silverado (1500, 2500HD, 3500HD, GMC Sierra (1500, 2500HD, 3500HD), Ford Transit, Ford Transit Connect, and Chevy Bolt