Specialty Vehicles: Mini Electric Ambulances

Mini Electric Ambulance

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution in EMS. At Rowland Emergency, we can help you think outside the box to provide the services you need – whatever the environment.


Paramedic and emergency services offer vital medical support during special events and street festivals. Traditional gas-powered ambulances are limited in their ability to navigate through large crowds due to their size, while the exhaust fumes are unwelcome as the ambulance is carefully navigating its way through the crowd. Our mission was to innovate a socially responsible solution for Toronto Paramedic Service.


We designed, engineered and manufactured a mini electric-powered ambulance that would enable paramedics to safely navigate effectively through large crowds with the added benefit of zero emissions.


Today, Toronto Paramedic Service has two Rowland Emergency mini electric-powered ambulances that it uses during special events and street festivals such as Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), the Grand Prix of Toronto, Caribana, the Pride Toronto festival and more.

I would highly recommend Rowland Emergency to any EMS provider. I have been working with them for over 35 years and they have always provided top-notch parts and service for all our EMS fleet needs. This three-generation Canadian family business is a pleasure to deal with.

Ralph Hole, Commander
Fleet Operations & Facilities (Rt'd), Toronto Paramedic Services