Mounted Solutions for the Stryker® LifePak 35

Rowland Emergency is developing the first-to-market mounting system for the Stryker® LifePak 35

Our mounting systems are engineered to enhance the mobility, stability, and accessibility of the Stryker® LifePak 35. Whether in the rapid-response environments of ambulances, the critical spaces of emergency rooms, or the demanding settings of field operations, our mounts ensure your essential equipment is always ready and secure.

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Stryker® LifePak 15 Mounting System

As the industry-leading choice for custom EMS solutions, Rowland Emergency has developed a safe, versatile and efficient product that allows first responders to effectively mount the Stryker® LifePak 15 defibrillator to the stretcher. In addition, we offer our critical care transport solutions, our innovative oxygen carry and our ergonomic pull handle.