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ZOLL® X Series® Angled Pole for Defibrillator

ZOLL® X Series® Angled Pole for Defibrillator

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The ZOLL® X Series® Angled Pole for Defibrillator is an innovatively designed mounting solution that provides emergency medical services (EMS) professionals with flexible location options for securing a ZOLL® X Series® defibrillator on the ambulance cot. This angled pole is specifically engineered to optimize space utilization, allowing for the accommodation of other critical care equipment on the cot. Its unique design ensures the defibrillator is positioned for easy accessibility while maximizing the cot's surface area for patient care. The pole's dimensions are crafted to enhance the functionality and operational efficiency of EMS setups, ensuring critical devices are securely mounted and readily available during transport.

Intended Use: This angled pole is intended for EMS professionals who use ZOLL® X Series® defibrillators and seek an efficient way to integrate this essential equipment with their ambulance cot, without compromising space for other critical care tools. It is designed to support the dynamic needs of emergency medical transport, providing a secure and accessible mounting option that enhances the overall patient care experience.


  • Optimized Space Utilization: The angled design offers flexible mounting options, freeing up valuable cot space for additional medical equipment and patient care activities.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Ensures the ZOLL® X Series® defibrillator is easily accessible to EMS professionals, facilitating quick and efficient deployment during critical situations.
  • Sturdy and Secure Mounting: Provides a stable platform for the defibrillator, minimizing movement and ensuring device safety during transport.


  • Height: 24.34 inches
  • Width: 10.79 inches
  • Length: 10.96 inches
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with ZOLL® X Series® defibrillators, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality.
  • Features: Angled pole design for versatile placement and enhanced space management on the ambulance cot.

The ZOLL® X Series® Angled Pole for Defibrillator represents a critical advancement in the integration of medical devices within EMS environments. By providing a secure, accessible, and space-efficient solution for mounting ZOLL® X Series® defibrillators, this angled pole significantly contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency medical services, supporting the delivery of high-quality care in urgent situations.

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