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XDcuff® Restraint Storage Straps + Pax Bag

XDcuff® Restraint Storage Straps + Pax Bag

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The XDcuff® Restraint Storage Straps + Pax Bag is a comprehensive storage solution designed to securely organize and transport XDcuff® restraints. This essential accessory set includes specially designed storage straps and a durable Pax bag, providing a compact and efficient means of keeping XDcuff® restraints readily accessible and protected. The dimensions of the straps and bag are optimized for easy integration into emergency medical services (EMS) kits, ensuring that restraints are neatly organized and quick to deploy in critical care scenarios.

Intended Use: This storage solution is intended for EMS professionals and healthcare providers who utilize XDcuff® restraints as part of their patient care protocols. It is designed to enhance the management and accessibility of restraints, facilitating streamlined operations and immediate access during emergency responses.


  • Efficient Organization: The storage straps and Pax bag offer a neat and orderly way to store XDcuff® restraints, ensuring they are untangled and ready for use.
  • Enhanced Portability: Provides a convenient and portable solution for transporting XDcuff® restraints, allowing for quick and easy access in various medical settings.
  • Durable Protection: The Pax bag is made from high-quality materials, offering durable protection for XDcuff® restraints against wear and tear during transport and storage.


  • Height: 3 inches
  • Width: 7 inches
  • Length: 9 inches
  • Components: Includes XDcuff® restraint storage straps and a Pax bag for comprehensive storage and transport.
  • Compatibility: Designed specifically for organizing and carrying XDcuff® restraints.

The XDcuff® Restraint Storage Straps + Pax Bag is a vital accessory for medical professionals, ensuring that XDcuff® restraints are properly stored, protected, and readily available for emergency use. By incorporating this storage solution into their equipment protocol, EMS providers can significantly enhance the efficiency and readiness of their patient care operations, contributing to improved outcomes in emergency scenarios.

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