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Stryker® Power-LOAD Transfer Lock Plate and Pin Kit

Stryker® Power-LOAD Transfer Lock Plate and Pin Kit

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The Power-LOAD (6390) Transfer Lock Plate and Pin Kit is a meticulously designed set of components essential for the preventative maintenance of the Stryker® Power-LOAD cot fastening system. This kit includes a transfer lock plate and pins that are crucial for securing the cot in place during transport, ensuring stability and safety. With its specific dimensions, this kit is engineered to perfectly fit and function within the Power-LOAD system, maintaining its reliability and efficiency in emergency medical settings.

Intended Use: This kit is intended for use by emergency medical services (EMS) professionals who operate the Stryker® Power-LOAD (6390) system. It is designed for the regular maintenance of the system, specifically for ensuring that the transfer lock mechanism remains functional and secure, a vital aspect of patient and operator safety during transport.


  • Enhanced Safety: Ensures the cot is securely locked in place during transport, preventing unintended movement and enhancing patient safety.
  • Maintains System Integrity: Regular replacement of the lock plate and pins as part of preventative maintenance helps preserve the mechanical integrity of the Power-LOAD system.
  • Optimized Performance: Designed to maintain the optimal performance of the Power-LOAD system, reducing the likelihood of mechanical failures and downtime.


  • Height: 9 inches
  • Width: 7 inches
  • Length: 2 inches
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for the Stryker® Power-LOAD (6390) system, ensuring a perfect fit and function.

The Power-LOAD (6390) Transfer Lock Plate and Pin Kit is a critical maintenance component for EMS providers utilizing the Stryker® Power-LOAD system. By ensuring the secure and stable operation of the transfer lock mechanism, this kit plays a key role in maintaining the high standards of care and safety required in emergency medical transport.

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