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Refurbished Ferno® PROFlexx (35X) Ambulance Cot *Contact for Pricing*

Refurbished Ferno® PROFlexx (35X) Ambulance Cot *Contact for Pricing*


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The Refurbished Ferno® PROFlexx (35X) Ambulance Cot exemplifies cutting-edge patient transport technology, designed to offer unmatched stability, safety, and comfort. This X-Frame ambulance cot features a longer, fixed front leg, a rigid C-channel along its length, and precision-engineered geometry that collectively ensures a low center of gravity and minimal flex. These design enhancements contribute to significantly improved stability, reducing the risk of tipping and potential injuries to both patients and non-EMS professionals. The cot's all-metal frame and powder-coated finish promise durability and reliability in the high-pressure non-EMS environment.

Standard Features:

  • Restraints and Mattress Included: Ensures patient safety and comfort during transport.
  • Reflective Labels: Enhance visibility and safety in low-light conditions.
  • Easy-Pull Release Handle & One-Handed Side Arm Release: Simplify cot adjustment and maneuvering.
  • Ratchet Bar Guard and Dual Wheel Lock: Provide additional safety and stability.
  • Gas Assist Backrest & Powder Coated Frame: Offer durability and ease of use.
  • Built-in Shock Frame & 5-Position Drop Frame: Improve patient comfort and cot adaptability.
  • Backrest Adjusts 0 – 65 degrees: Allows for patient positioning flexibility.
  • Wider Bed Surface and Head Frame & Locked-on Mattress: Accommodate patients of various sizes and ensure secure transport.
  • Foot-End Lead Handle: Enhances maneuverability and control.


  • Load Capacity: 700 lbs
  • Weight: 92 lbs
  • Length: Max: 79", Min: 64"
  • Width: 24"
  • Loading Height: 34"

Features & Benefits:

  • 35X EZ Pull Release System: Reduces wrist strain, facilitating optimal positioning for cot and patient weight handling.
  • All-Metal Frame Construction: Ensures strength, durability, and exceptional performance, even with heavy patients.
  • 6” Wheels with U-Tread Tires: Provide smooth rolling and extended wear life, featuring dual swivel-lock and rolling-lock mechanisms for increased safety.
  • Wider Bed Surface: Offers enhanced comfort and support for patients, including ample room for CPR and other medical procedures.

Intended Use: This refurbished ambulance cot is intended for non-EMS professionals seeking a robust, reliable, and safe patient transport solution. Compatible with the Ferno Model 175 antler and rail fastening system, it is designed for seamless integration into existing EMS operations, offering enhanced patient care capabilities.

Please Note: Orders for the Refurbished Ferno® PROFlexx (35X) Ambulance Cot made through Shopify will not be processed. Interested customers are encouraged to call for pricing and additional information.

The Refurbished Ferno® PROFlexx (35X) Ambulance Cot represents a blend of innovation and practicality, providing EMS teams with a superior tool for patient transport. By choosing this refurbished model, healthcare facilities can access top-tier equipment that meets the rigorous demands of emergency medical services, while also supporting sustainability and cost-efficiency objectives.

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