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Refurbished Ferno® 35A Ambulance Cot *Contact for Pricing*

Refurbished Ferno® 35A Ambulance Cot *Contact for Pricing*


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The Refurbished Ferno® 35A Mobile Transporter X-Frame Ambulance Cot stands as a testament to exceptional value and enduring dependability for X-frame cot users. With a lightweight design weighing only 74 lbs (34 kg) and a proven track record of over 20 years of use by non-EMS services worldwide, the 35A model combines ease of use with robust performance. This cot is designed to enhance patient care while minimizing the risk of injury to both patients and operators, supported by a comprehensive range of options and accessories.


  • Length (Max): 200 cm / 79 in
  • Length (Min): 160 cm / 63 in
  • Height (Max): 101 cm / 40 in
  • Height (Min): 23 cm / 9 in
  • Weight: 34 kg / 74 lbs
  • Load Limit: 227 kg / 500 lbs
  • Width: 61 cm / 24 in

Intended Use: The refurbished Ferno® 35A Ambulance Cot is intended for non-EMS professionals seeking a reliable, lightweight, and durable solution for patient transport. Ideal for a wide range of emergency situations, this cot is designed to provide secure and comfortable transport for patients, while offering easy maneuverability and reduced physical strain for operators.


  • Dependable Performance: Over 20 years of global non-EMS use, demonstrating reliability in diverse conditions.
  • Lightweight Design: Facilitates ease of handling and transport, reducing operator fatigue.
  • Enhanced Patient Care: A wide array of options and accessories are available to support comprehensive patient care.
  • Injury Reduction: Engineered to help reduce the likelihood of patient and operator injuries during transport.


  • Robust X-Frame Construction: Ensures stability and durability for safe patient transport.
  • Adjustable Height and Length: Accommodates patients of various sizes and simplifies navigation in tight spaces.
  • 500 lbs Load Capacity: Capable of supporting a wide range of patient weights with ease.

Please Note: Orders for the Refurbished Ferno® 35A Ambulance Cot made through Shopify will not be processed. Interested customers are encouraged to call for pricing and additional information.

The Refurbished Ferno® 35A Ambulance Cot represents an optimal choice for non-EMS providers looking for a balance between performance and value. By choosing this refurbished model, healthcare facilities can access high-quality equipment that meets the rigorous demands of emergency medical services, while also embracing sustainability and cost efficiency.

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