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Pole for Ferno D360 with Adaptor - IV Receptacle

Pole for Ferno D360 with Adaptor - IV Receptacle

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The Pole for Ferno D360 with Adaptor - IV Receptacle is a custom cot pole designed to seamlessly integrate with the Ferno D360 mounting system, enhancing its functionality for medical professionals. While the Ferno adaptor is not included, this pole features an IV receptacle, allowing for the secure attachment of an IV pole provided by the customer. This product has been rigorously tested and certified to meet high standards of safety and reliability. Its dimensions are optimized to ensure a perfect fit and stability within the Ferno D360 system.

Intended Use: This custom pole is intended for healthcare providers who use the Ferno D360 stretcher system and require a reliable solution for incorporating IV therapy into their patient care protocols. It is specifically designed to accommodate an IV pole, enhancing the stretcher's utility in emergency, transport, and clinical settings where IV access is crucial.


  • Enhanced IV Therapy Integration: Offers a dedicated IV receptacle for attaching an IV pole, facilitating seamless IV therapy alongside patient transport.
  • Customized Fit: Tailored to integrate with the Ferno D360 mounting system, ensuring stability and reliability of attached medical equipment.
  • Tested & Certified: Undergoes rigorous testing and certification to ensure safety and performance standards are met, providing confidence in use.


  • Height: 22.7 inches
  • Width: 8.1 inches
  • Length: 12.9 inches
  • Compatibility: Custom-designed for use with the Ferno D360 stretcher system. IV pole to be provided by the customer.
  • Certification: Tested and certified to assure quality and safety.

The Pole for Ferno D360 with Adaptor - IV Receptacle is an indispensable tool for medical professionals looking to enhance the functionality of their Ferno D360 stretcher with IV therapy capabilities. By providing a stable and secure platform for IV pole attachment, this custom pole ensures that critical IV therapies can be administered efficiently and safely during patient transport and care.

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