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Defibrillator Mounting Plate for ZOLL X-Series

Defibrillator Mounting Plate for ZOLL X-Series

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The Defibrillator Mounting Plate for ZOLL® X Series® is an essential accessory, carefully engineered for the ZOLL® X-Series system. It facilitates the secure installation of ZOLL® X Series® defibrillators with the Rowland Emergency ZOLL® pole, providing a versatile solution for emergency medical services (EMS) environments. This comprehensive mounting plate includes all the necessary hardware for easy and stable installation, ensuring seamless integration of ZOLL® defibrillators into the EMS setup.

Intended Use:
This mounting plate is designed for EMS professionals and healthcare providers who require an efficient and reliable solution to mount ZOLL® X Series® defibrillators securely. It enhances the organization and accessibility of essential emergency medical devices, streamlining care delivery during patient transport and emergency scenarios.


  1. Secure Installation: Ensures that ZOLL® X Series® defibrillators are firmly mounted, preventing accidental displacement during emergency transport.
  2. Universal Compatibility: Tailored to fit the Rowland Emergency ZOLL® pole, offering flexibility across different EMS equipment setups.
  3. Comprehensive Mounting Solution: Comes with the mounting plate and all required hardware, simplifying the installation process.


  • Compatibility: Fits Rowland Emergency ZOLL® Pole and is designed specifically for ZOLL® X Series® defibrillators.
  • Components: Package includes the mounting plate and required hardware.

The Defibrillator Mounting Plate for ZOLL® X Series® offers a critical solution for EMS professionals, providing a secure and reliable platform that enhances the functionality and accessibility of ZOLL® defibrillators. It streamlines patient care during emergency and transport situations by ensuring that vital equipment is securely mounted and always within reach.

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