Product Success Stories: Cot-Mounted Oxygen Carry Solutions

Cot-Mounted Oxygen Carry

When developing innovative solutions, we see the big picture. More than simply providing our clients with in-vehicle solutions, we work collaboratively to make their operators’ jobs safer, more efficient and successful.


Paramedics carry a lot of equipment into an emergency. For example, an oxygen tank is one of the many pieces of equipment that a paramedic carries in their bags/backpack. As a result, many services struggle to find the ideal set-up for their bag/backpack. Many are looking for options on how they can lighten and/or carry fewer items.


Rowland Emergency has created a compact and certified cot-mounted oxygen carry. The oxygen tank is removable from a mounted dock which is attached to the Stryker Power-Pro XT or Power-Pro 2 stretcher. This solution is easy to carry and meets all equipment standards.


Dozens of paramedic services have successfully optimized their paramedic bag/backpack by integrating our compact and convenient cot-mounted oxygen carry. It is a genuine game changer and sets a new standard in optimizing the emergency services paramedics are able to provide.


Find out why our innovation is the gold standard throughout Canada and the USA.

Cot-mounted Oxygen Carry