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EMS restraints are critical tools used by emergency medical services (EMS) professionals to ensure the safety and security of patients during transport and treatment. These restraints are designed to prevent patients from causing harm to themselves or others while being transported to medical facilities. By securely restraining patients, EMS professionals can focus on providing necessary medical care without the risk of interference or injury. EMS restraints come in various forms, including soft, plastic, metal, and disposable options, each tailored to meet different patient needs and emergency scenarios. Their primary function is to provide a secure and humane way to manage patients who may be agitated, disoriented, or otherwise unable to cooperate during transport.

EMS Restraint Types

EMS Soft Restraints

EMS soft restraints are made from flexible materials like nylon or padded fabric, providing a comfortable and secure way to restrain patients without causing discomfort or injury. They are ideal for patients who need gentle yet effective restraint. XDcuff® restraint clips are designed for quick and secure fastening, providing a reliable means of restraint that is easy to apply and adjust. These clips are essential for organizing and storing restraints, ensuring they are readily accessible and properly maintained.

XDcuff® Restraint Starter Pack - Plastic

The XDcuff® Restraint Starter Pack - Plastic are soft restraints for ems that are designed to provide EMS professionals with a complete set of plastic restraints for secure and humane patient management. The pack includes four plastic clip straps, two ankle cuffs, and two wrist cuffs, all made from durable plastic. The components are compact and portable, measuring 3 inches in height, 7 inches in width, and 9 inches in length, making them easy to store and access during emergencies. This pack offers comprehensive restraint solutions that are secure, adjustable, and durable.

XDcuff® Restraint Starter Pack - Metal

The XDcuff® Restraint Starter Pack - Metal offers robust restraint solutions for EMS professionals. It includes four metal clip straps, two ankle cuffs, and two wrist cuffs, all made from high-quality metal for enhanced security and durability. The pack's dimensions are the same as the plastic version, ensuring compact and portable storage. This starter pack ensures maximum security and durability in emergency situations, making it a reliable choice for demanding environments.

XDcuff® Restraint Starter Pack - Disposable

For those who prioritize hygiene and efficiency, the XDcuff® Restraint Starter Pack - Disposable is an excellent option. This pack includes four clip straps and four plastic buckle disposable clip-in cuffs, all made from high-quality disposable materials. The dimensions are 3 inches in height, 7 inches in width, and 9 inches in length, making it compact and easily accessible. This disposable starter pack provides a hygienic and efficient solution for single-use restraint applications, ensuring patient safety and preventing cross-contamination.

XDcuff® Restraint Storage Straps + Pax Bag

The XDcuff® Restraint Storage Straps + Pax Bag is designed to keep XDcuff® restraints organized and protected, ensuring they are always ready for use in emergency situations. This storage solution includes specially designed storage straps and a durable Pax bag. The dimensions are also 3 inches in height, 7 inches in width, and 9 inches in length, allowing for efficient organization and portability. This storage solution enhances the management and accessibility of restraints, making them quick to deploy in critical care scenarios.

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