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Refurbished Stryker® Power-PRO XT Stretcher *Contact for Pricing*

Refurbished Stryker® Power-PRO XT Stretcher *Contact for Pricing*

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Embrace both sustainability and top-tier performance with our Certified Refurbished Stryker® Power-PRO XT Stretcher. This stretcher has been meticulously restored to meet the original manufacturing standards, offering healthcare professionals a reliable and eco-friendly medical solution. By choosing this refurbished model, you benefit from the renowned durability and advanced features of the Stryker® Power-PRO XT Stretcher, while also making an environmentally conscious decision. This product is an ideal choice for medical facilities seeking to enhance their equipment inventory with cost-effective and sustainable options.

What's Included:

  • Two Batteries: Ensures prolonged operational life and reliability for continuous use.
  • One Charger: Keeps the stretcher powered and ready for emergencies at all times.
  • Mattress: Provides patient comfort during transport with a high-quality mattress.
  • Restraints: Ensures patient safety with secure restraints for transport.

Intended Use: This refurbished stretcher is designed for non-EMS looking for a sustainable alternative to purchasing new equipment. It offers the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and environmental responsibility, suitable for a wide range of medical and emergency applications.


  • Sustainability: Offers an eco-friendly solution by repurposing and extending the life of existing medical equipment.
  • Reliability: Restored to original manufacturing standards to ensure the same level of dependability expected from a new Stryker™ stretcher.
  • Cost-Effective: Provides significant savings without compromising on quality, functionality, or patient care standards.
  • Complete Solution: Comes with all necessary accessories for immediate use, including batteries, a charger, a mattress, and restraints.


  • Length (Max): 206 cm / 81 in
  • Length (Min): 160 cm / 63 in
  • Height (Max): 105 cm / 41.5 in
  • Height (Min): 36 cm / 14 in
  • Weight: 34 kg / 74 lbs
  • Load Limit: 318kg / 700 lbs
  • Width: 58 cm / 23 in

Please Note: Orders for the Certified Refurbished Stryker® Power-PRO XT Stretcher made through Shopify will not be processed. Interested customers are encouraged to call for pricing and additional information.

The Certified Refurbished Stryker® Power-PRO XT Stretcher represents an outstanding opportunity for medical facilities to support sustainability efforts while ensuring access to high-quality emergency medical equipment. By choosing this refurbished model, you contribute to reducing environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable healthcare industry.

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