Stair Chairs

Stryker stair chairs

A necessary step in operator safety

One in four EMS workers suffer a career-ending back injury within their first four years of employment. Stryker stair chairs puts the power back in their hands, reducing the strain on their back from lifting and lowering patients up and down stairs over time.

Stryker Stair-PRO

Featuring Stryker’s patented Stair-TREAD system, this chair enables caregivers to transport a patient down stairs without lifting.

  • Shown to help reduce the risk for operator injury
  • Adjustable handles, track angle and built-in descent control enhance safety

Stryker Evacuation Chair

Stryker’s tracked technology makes this chair ideal for the efficient evacuation of disabled or injured patients in multilevel facilities.

  • Patented Stair-TREAD tracks allow easy evacuation downstairs by a single operator
  • Extendable handle allows operator to have a forward-facing, upright posture
  • Foot end lift handles also extend, allowing two caregivers to lift an evacuee over obstacles or up stairs