Accessoires pour civières Stryker

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Our Stryker stretcher accessories are designed to improve safety, organization, and accessibility in emergency medical services. By choosing the right accessories, EMS professionals can streamline processes and provide prompt, secure patient care during critical situations. Operational efficiency is crucial, and Stryker cot accessories help minimize response times while enhancing safety for both patients and healthcare providers.

Types of Stryker Stretcher Accessories

Cot-Mounted Blocks

Custom-fabricated in-house, these blocks securely anchor to a Rowland Emergency mounting pole, which holds essential equipment like defibrillators and ventilators. They are engineered for different Stryker stretcher models, ensuring compatibility and secure attachment to the Stryker cot.

Cot-Mounted Poles

Designed to fit seamlessly with Rowland Emergency’s mounting blocks, these poles elevate critical emergency equipment such as defibrillators and ventilators. With 360-degree rotation, solid steel construction, and an anodized aluminum latching mechanism, they provide flexible solutions for various emergency settings.

Critical Care & Neonatal Mounts

Offering secure transport solutions for critically ill and neonatal patients, these mounts are carefully crafted to accommodate highly specialized medical equipment. Custom-fabrication is available to meet specific needs, ensuring safe and efficient care during transit.

Cot-Mounted Oxygen Carry

Designed for Stryker Power-Pro XT and Power-PRO 2 cots, these stryker cot accessories provide a convenient and efficient way to transport oxygen tanks. This solution allows paramedics to carry fewer items and ensures the tanks are securely fastened.

Stryker Pull Handle Extension

With an additional four inches of length, this extension minimizes body contact with the stretcher and allows for an ergonomic pulling position. Its two-part design securely stores flat using magnets when not in use, reducing the risk of shoulder strain and injury.

XDcuff® Restraints

Specifically developed by EMS professionals, XDcuff restraints offer a stretcher-integrated system for quickly and safely restraining limbs. This design allows medics to anchor restraints quickly and securely without relying on complex knots, enhancing the speed and safety of patient transport.

Success Stories

Rowland Emergency has become a leader in enhancing stretcher functionality and safety through our comprehensive range of Stryker stretcher accessories. Recognized for our commitment to quality and innovation, these accessories have proven to be crucial in improving patient care and operational efficiency in healthcare settings. 


Paramedics carry a lot of equipment into an emergency. For example, an oxygen tank is one of the many pieces of equipment that a paramedic carries in their bags/backpacks. As a result, many services struggle to find the ideal set-up for their bag/backpack. Many are looking for options on how they can lighten and/or carry fewer items.


Rowland Emergency has created a compact and certified cot-mounted oxygen carry. The oxygen tank is removable from a mounted dock which is attached to the Stryker Power-Pro XT or Power-Pro 2 stretcher. This solution is easy to carry and meets all equipment standards.


Dozens of paramedic services have successfully optimized their paramedic bag/backpack by integrating our compact and convenient cot-mounted oxygen carry. It is a genuine game changer and sets a new standard in optimizing the emergency services paramedics are able to provide.

I would highly recommend Rowland Emergency to any EMS provider. I have been working with them for over 35 years and they have always provided top-notch parts and service for all our EMS fleet needs. This three-generation Canadian family business is a pleasure to deal with.

Ralph Hole - Commander, Fleet Operations & Facilities
Toronto Paramedic Services

From recommending which off-road unit to purchase, to sitting with us and designing every feature, to working with us every step of the way to ensure our paramedic team was receiving the best possible product for our response purposes, we were extremely impressed with the professionalism and high quality put into our final product. Thanks to Rowland, we are confident our emergency response exceeds all levels of expectations of the public we serve.

Timiskaming Paramedic Services Team

We are pleased to work with Rowland Emergency for all our emergency response vehicle needs. Rowland has built their business model on exceptional customer service coupled with innovative solutions, exceptional build quality and high-quality workmanship. After 15 years of ordering Rowland-built vehicles, they have never failed us and are our logical choice for mission-critical vehicle needs.

Chief, Paramedic Service, Northern Ontario

Rowland Emergency is a remarkable partner when it comes to vehicle challenges. Scott prides himself on addressing unmet needs and creating custom solutions/products in collaboration with his clients. As a third-generation business, Scott and Blake continue to hold customer service as a foundational principle established by the founder, Grant Rowland.

Paul Charbonneau, Past President
Paramedic Chiefs of Canada, Chief, Frontenac (Rt'd)

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