Rowland Emergency Buy-Back Program

Unlock New Possibilities with the Rowland Emergency Buy-Back Program for Stryker Patient Transport Equipment

The fast-paced world of EMS demands more than just equipment—it requires
strategic solutions that help reinforce safety, versatility and efficiency. Discover Rowland Emergency's Buy-Back Program for Stryker Capital and top-tier refurbished patient transport equipment for non-EMS.

Elevate Your EMS Operations

In an industry where every decision has impact, Rowland Emergency reinforces your choice for optimal quality, service, and innovation. Our Buy-Back Program is more than just a transaction—it's a commitment to sustainability. Make the shift today from your end-of-service Stryker® Capital equipment. Simplify, save, and sustain with our seamless process.

Refurbished Stryker® Patient Transport Equipment for Non-EMS

For organizations outside of EMS seeking affordability and uncompromised quality, our array of refurbished stretchers emerges as the premier choice. All equipment is subject to rigorous preventative maintenance. With adherence to quality benchmarks during refurbishment, we offer flexibility in your procurement decisions.