Custom-Engineered Products

If we don’t stock it, we’ll invent it

Our highly experienced team of engineers can meticulously design, build and certify emergency medical products in-house to your exact specifications. The engineering team provides our expert machinists detailed 3D modeling information to initiate the fabrication process. Our in-house machinists operate CNC milling, waterjet cutting and press brake machinery which allows us to mass-produce custom precision products that serve our customers’ wants and needs in a timely fashion. In addition to offering custom work, we have developed an extensive product portfolio designed in collaboration with our EMS partners.

COT Mountings

Certified mounting systems precision-designed to give you quick, safe and versatile access to your emergency equipment irrespective of the environment.

Storage Solutions

We’ve set the benchmark for manufacturing and installing functional, durable and certified vehicle storage solutions.

EMS Parts Catalogue

We stock a comprehensive inventory of parts and equipment from suppliers highly regarded for producing parts to the highest standards of quality, functionality, reliability and durability.