The Future of EMS: Technology & Innovation

The Future of EMS: Technology & Innovation

Your Partner for Green Technology in EMS Operations

Rowland Emergency is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. We've championed this commitment by introducing green technology into the world of emergency vehicles. We focus on the development of anti-idle systems and the introduction of multiplex computer systems, which allow emergency services to control and adapt to the everchanging emergency vehicle landscape. Embrace the Mini Electric Ambulance.

As an advocate for sustainable EMS solutions, Rowland Emergency proudly presents our Mini Electric Ambulance - a revolutionary product specifically designed for Toronto Paramedic Services. This eco-friendly vehicle not only helps reduce carbon emissions but also contributes to community sustainability plans, thus pushing us closer to a green future. Typically used for crowded events, the Mini Electric Ambulance has proven to be a staple for festivals like the Toronto Indy and Caribana.

The Perks of EMS Fleet Electrification

Electrifying your EMS fleet with Rowland Emergency brings a host of benefits. You'll experience a significant reduction in fuel consumption and operating costs, thanks to savings on brake maintenance and fuel refills. Plus, it's a giant leap towards sustainability with a 20-33% reduction in CO2 emissions. With potential for a 100% return on investment during the vehicle’s six-year service life, it's clear that electrification is the future for EMS fleets.

Innovative Cot Mounting Solutions

As part of our dedication to innovation, Rowland Emergency offers cutting-edge stretcher cot mounting solutions. These solutions harness the power of technology to provide secure, efficient, and easy-to-use systems that can greatly improve the speed and safety of patient transport as well as an increased focus on patient care.

The Future is Here with Rowland Emergency

Technology and innovation are pivotal in transforming the future of EMS. At Rowland Emergency, we are at the forefront of this shift, integrating green technologies and innovation into our products and practices to provide advanced, environmentally friendly EMS solutions.

Join us on this journey by booking a demo to experience firsthand how our EMS solutions can help revolutionize your operations. Let's shape the future of EMS together, making it greener, smarter, and more efficient.

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