Fleet Success Stories: Off-Road All Terrain Ambulances

Off-road All Terrain Ambulance

Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. Our innovative ATV/UTV solutions enable your service to get your EMS vehicles to wherever they need to go. Equipped with all-wheel drive, we ensure that your vehicles are prepared to brace the elements and navigate terrain in mission critical situations.


Paramedic and emergency services are challenged when providing emergency services in remote and/or difficult-to-access areas featuring challenging terrain.


Rowland Emergency has designed, engineered and manufactured a variety of off-road all-terrain ambulances to answer to uniquely rugged terrain. This includes UTV/ATV solutions that are all-wheel drive.


Thanks to Rowland Emergency’s innovative approach, difficult-to-access and challenging areas are no longer a barrier to providing timely emergency medical care. Our custom-developed off-road all-terrain vehicles allow paramedics to help those with a medical emergency in remote, often hard to reach landscapes.

From recommending which off-road unit to purchase, to sitting with us and designing every feature, to working with us every step of the way to ensure our paramedic team was receiving the best possible product for our response purposes, we were extremely impressed with the professionalism and high quality put into our final product. Thanks to Rowland, we are confident our emergency response exceeds all levels of expectations of the public we serve.

Timiskaming Paramedic Services Team