Toronto's New Mental Health and Substance Use Strategy

Toronto's New Mental Health and Substance Use Strategy

Introduction to Toronto's Holistic Health Initiative

Toronto's Board of Health, under the guidance of Coun. Chris Moise, is poised to review a transformative strategy aimed at addressing mental health and substance use issues, with a significant focus on the role of paramedics and paramedicine in emergency response.

Enhancing Mental Health and Substance Use Services in Toronto

The city's strategy encompasses a wide range of initiatives, including the deployment of paramedics trained in mental health and substance use crisis response, illustrating a shift towards more compassionate and effective emergency healthcare.

The Vital Role of 24-Hour Respite Centres and Paramedicine

Establishing Continuous Support Networks

Central to the strategy are the 24-hour respite centres, where paramedics and other healthcare professionals will provide ongoing care and support for individuals facing mental health and substance use challenges.

Funding Challenges and Collaborative Efforts

Despite facing a significant budget deficit, the city is actively seeking funding from provincial and federal governments to ensure the successful implementation of these initiatives, including those involving paramedicine.

Revolutionizing Crisis Response with Paramedics

Transitioning to a More Effective Crisis Management Approach

A recent city council decision to replace police response with paramedics and mental health experts in certain crisis situations marks a progressive change in Toronto's emergency response protocol.

Confronting the Opioid Crisis through Paramedicine

The strategy addresses the severe opioid crisis, with paramedics playing a crucial role in responding to drug toxicity emergencies, evidenced by the rising number of opioid-related calls attended by Toronto's paramedics.

Implementing the Strategy: The Road Ahead

Anticipated Decisions and Impact on Toronto's Healthcare Landscape

The upcoming meeting of the Toronto Board of Health is a pivotal moment for the strategy's approval. The successful implementation of this plan, particularly the integration of paramedicine, is expected to significantly improve the city's response to mental health and substance use emergencies.


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