Empowering Emergency Service Providers: DIY Preventative Maintenance for Stryker® Patient Transport Equipment

Empowering Emergency Service Providers: DIY Preventative Maintenance for Stryker® Patient Transport Equipment


As a trusted provider of custom EMS solutions, we understand that our responsibility extends beyond simply delivering high-quality service and patient transport equipment. We have always emphasized empowering our customers with the tools and knowledge they need for optimal operational performance. That's why we're introducing a new series of preventative maintenance videos focused on Stryker® Patient Transport Equipment. These comprehensive guides are designed to provide critical insights into maintaining your equipment, ensuring not only longevity but also continued operational efficiency.

Stryker® Power-LOAD™ Installation and Walkthrough

Kicking off our video series is an intricate installation and walkthrough guide for the Stryker® Power-LOAD™ system. Led by a Stryker® certified technician with over 25 years of experience with Rowland Emergency. With the Power-LOAD™ system often being an integral part of modern ambulances, its correct installation and maintenance are crucial for the safety and effectiveness of emergency operations.

Stryker® Power Pro XT™ Half Shell Bearing Preventative Maintenance

In emergency situations, every component matters. Our second video in the series brings attention to the half shell bearings in the Stryker® Power Pro XT™ stretcher. This plays a pivotal role in the stretcher's overall performance. Failing to maintain it could run the risk of equipment malfunction, compromising both patient and responder safety.

Understanding the underlying reasons for specific maintenance actions equips you to make better decisions in both routine checks and unforeseen situations, reinforcing your ability to provide top-notch emergency care.

Stryker® Power-LOAD™ Extensive Preventative Maintenance

Standard maintenance practices cover essential bases, but our third video goes further to explore the nuances often bypassed during routine checks. By adopting a comprehensive maintenance approach, we aim to prepare our clients for the most demanding scenarios, thereby contributing to the longevity and reliability of your valuable equipment.

Why Use Our Preventative Maintenance Kits?

To streamline your maintenance procedures, each of our videos is aligned with a specialized preventative maintenance kit available for purchase. 

Why invest in these kits? 

Firstly, they remove any guesswork by including all the essential components required for each specific maintenance operation. 

Secondly, using standardized kits introduces an element of uniformity across your fleet of emergency response vehicles and equipment, ensuring quality control and reducing the margin for error.


While our videos offer expert guidance, they are intended to supplement the official Stryker® Operations and Maintenance Manuals. These manuals should remain your primary reference point for technical procedures and protocols.


Our commitment at Rowland Emergency is multi-faceted. We not only custom-manufacture emergency response vehicles and provide specialized equipment, but we also consider it our responsibility to equip you with the expertise needed to get the most out of your patient transport equipment investments. 

As always, our expert team is available for any further inquiries or assistance you may require.

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