The Future of Patient Transport: Rowland Emergency's Cot-Mounted Oxygen Carry

The Future of Patient Transport: Rowland Emergency's Cot-Mounted Oxygen Carry

In the realm of EMS, cutting-edge solutions are instrumental in bringing about systemic change. Efficiency, patient safety, and top-tier equipment set the standard. We are here to proudly present our innovative breakthrough in patient transport equipment: Rowland Emergency's Cot-Mounted Oxygen Carry

Updated Guidelines

The updated standard of oxygen therapy guidelines have impacted how paramedics administer oxygen therapy to patients. The goal is to maintain a patient's oxygen saturation between a predetermined set of guidelines, as measured by SpO2, unless otherwise specified. As a result, the requirement for oxygen therapy that is administered has greatly diminished. It is still commonplace to see an oxygen tank strapped to the stretcher or gurney, with a second tank located in a paramedic bag or backpack. Paramedics have adapted, therefore one might ask why their bags haven't evolved to reflect their current needs. 

The Cot-Mounted Oxygen Carry by Rowland Emergency eliminates the need to carry a second oxygen tank, thus optimizing the utility of the paramedic bag, providing increased efficiency and improved ergonomics for a better standard of patient care.

Revolutionizing EMS with the Ultimate Cot-Mounted Solution

Emergency scenarios demand swift and reliable responses. Therefore, the equipment used must amplify efficiency while ensuring safety of first responders and patients. Rowland Emergency’s Cot-Mounted Oxygen Carry is the embodiment of this principle, tying safety, versatility and efficiency into one innovative product.

Seamless Stryker Integration Redefines Emergency Patient Transport

The conventional thoughts or perceptions of carrying oxygen tanks have long been recognized as a necessity. Thus enters Rowland Emergency's game-changing cot-mounted solution:

Seamlessly Compatible with Stryker Patient Transport Equipment

Our Oxygen carry effortlessly mounts or detaches from the Stryker Power-Pro XT or Power-Pro 2 stretcher, streamlining EMS operations to allow for a broader range of use, enhancing first responder workflow.

Enhancing Transport Efficiency

With our innovative design, EMS professionals benefit from faster response times, ensuring optimal patient outcomes and a faster, proactive response in mission critical situations.


Superior Standards with Certified Patient Transport Equipment

Innovation and safety should coexist. Our Cot-Mounted Oxygen Carry exemplifies this effort, undergoing rigorous testing and certifications to set unparalleled standards in patient transport under the MOH and beyond. Tested to meet the ministry standard of 10Gs. First responders and patients have peace of mind without the possibility of projectiles in the event of an accident. 


Transform Your EMS Operations with Rowland's Cot-Mounted Solutions

The EMS community is rapidly recognizing the transformative power of the Cot-Mounted Oxygen Carry. Numerous services are already leveraging the advantages of this state-of-the-art equipment. Read more about our case study with Toronto Paramedic Services.

Rowland Emergency: Leading the Way in Cot-Mounted Innovations

Our commitment to EMS goes beyond product development. We envision a future where cot-mounted solutions become standard, empowering paramedics to deliver unparalleled care. In Canada, it is commonplace, although there is more awareness to be made in the United States. When opting for the gold standard of care, it’s imperative to create awareness and educate emergency medical services about the optimal solution.

Dive into the Next Generation of Patient Transport Equipment with Rowland Emergency


Witness the Revolution First Hand

Explore our product video for an in-depth overview of the Cot-Mounted Oxygen Carry's features and benefits.


Engage and Collaborate with Our Experts

We invite you to visit our website or connect with our team. Together, let's discover how our innovations can set a new benchmark for your EMS operations, promoting a continuum of care for both patients and first responders.

In conclusion, Rowland Emergency's Cot-Mounted Oxygen Carry represents more than just equipment—it symbolizes the ever-evolving nature of EMS. We value your engagement and remain devoted to supporting you in achieving excellence in emergency services.

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