65 Ontario Paramedics Honored for Exemplary Service

65 Ontario Paramedics Honored for Exemplary Service

Event Overview

In an inspiring display of dedication and service, 65 paramedics from Ontario have been honored with the Governor General Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal bars. This prestigious award ceremony, held on December 13, 2023, acknowledged the tireless efforts of paramedics who have served for 30, 40, and even 50 years in emergency medical care. Deputy Premier and Minister of Health Sylvie Jones had the distinct privilege of presenting the First, Second, or Third Bars to these deserving, long-serving heroes.

History and Significance of the Awards

The Exemplary Service Medal, initiated by the late Governor General of Canada, Romeo LeBlanc in 1994, is a revered part of the Canadian Honours System. It symbolizes the highest standard of service and conduct in the realm of emergency medical services. Eligibility for this honor requires paramedics to have at least ten years of service, often in challenging and risky situations.

Criteria and Categories of Awards

The awards are categorized into three levels, signifying the length and depth of service:

  • First Bar: For at least thirty years of service.
  • Second Bar: For forty years of service.
  • Third Bar: For an extraordinary fifty years of service.

These Bars reflect the paramedics' enduring commitment and exceptional service to their communities.

List of Awardees and Their Contributions

Attached is a detailed list of the 2023 recipients, showcasing a diverse group of individuals who have dedicated their careers to the field of emergency medical services. Their stories are not just of professional commitment but also of personal sacrifice and resilience in the face of adversity.

Source: https://www.oapc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/ESM-Awards_QP2023-Press-Release-_FINAL.pdf

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