A New Era of Leadership: Deputy Chief Justin Lammers Becomes Chief of Essex-Windsor EMS

A New Era of Leadership: Deputy Chief Justin Lammers Becomes Chief of Essex-Windsor EMS

A Seamless Transition of Leadership

In a significant announcement made by Essex County's Chief Administrative Officer Sandra Zwiers, Deputy Chief Justin Lammers is poised to become the new Chief of Essex-Windsor Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Management on October 9. He will be succeeding Chief Bruce Krauter, who will continue in an advisory role to ensure a smooth transition.

Sandra Zwiers on Justin Lammers' Leadership Qualities

"Deputy Chief Lammers exists as a paragon of leadership, perpetually galvanizing and sustaining those in his charge," said Sandra Zwiers. This statement adds to the high expectations and optimism surrounding Lammers' upcoming leadership role.

Comprehensive Recruitment Campaign Culminates in Lammers' Appointment

The ascension of Deputy Chief Lammers to Chief was not a sudden decision but the result of an extensive recruitment process initiated by Krauter's earlier announcement to retire by February 2024.

A Testament to Lammers' Qualities

Bruce Krauter himself commended Lammers' embodiment of the values of Essex-Windsor EMS, namely accountability, integrity, and compassion. Lammers' wealth of experience and deep understanding of emergency medical services make him a strong choice for the role of Chief.

A Career Built on Resilience and Dedication

Since joining Essex-Windsor EMS in 2005, Justin Lammers has seen steady career growth, having served in various capacities including that of an advanced care paramedic, Deputy Chief of Planning and Physical Resources, and most recently Deputy Chief of Professional Standards.

Initiatives Under Lammers' Leadership

Lammers was instrumental in the launch of the Mental Health and Addictions Response Team (MHART), part of the service's Mobile Integrated Healthcare-Community Paramedicine program. His role in logistics during the COVID-19 pandemic was vital in managing an interdisciplinary team that responded to health crises effectively.

Lammers' Academic and Professional Recognition

A graduate of St. Clair College's paramedic program and Georgian College's advanced care paramedic certificate program, Lammers is further enriching his academic background by pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Business in Emergency Services. In 2019, he received the St. Clair College Alumni Award of Distinction.

Future Prospects

Lammers' commitment and passion for the field make him a pivotal figure in the future of Essex-Windsor EMS. As he prepares to lead the organization, his focus remains on overcoming challenges and constantly striving to provide top-notch emergency medical services.


The elevation of Justin Lammers to the position of Chief marks a significant milestone not just for him but for the Essex-Windsor EMS as a whole. As the organization turns a new chapter under his able leadership, the community can look forward to a renewed emphasis on efficiency, integrity, and compassion in emergency care services.

Source: https://www.countyofessex.ca/en/news/justin-lammers-named-the-next-chief-of-essex-windsor-ems.aspx?fbclid=IwAR1pFgk7bEvzlWosKEGljjwZaJWYUM-2ipFNDnS-fFmrnlREj8-g-I9NDuA

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