Grey County's Financial Blueprint for Progress

Grey County's Financial Blueprint for Progress

In a move marked by strategic investment and community enhancement, Grey County Council has set the stage for a transformative year with its 2024 budget. This budget, which has received initial approval, is not just a financial plan—it's a blueprint for the County's future.


A Closer Look at the Numbers: The Impact on Your Wallet

The budget stands at a substantial $269 million, representing a 6.3 percent increase from the previous year. For residents of Grey County, this means an average increase of $69.28 in property taxes for single detached homes. This figure might raise eyebrows, but it's the cost of progress and enhanced services.

Key Investments: Building a Better Grey County

At the heart of this budget are several key projects that promise to revitalize and strengthen the community:

Redefining Care at Rockwood Terrace

A major highlight is the redevelopment of Rockwood Terrace. This project, a significant commitment to the well-being of our seniors, sees an investment poised to redefine elder care in the region.

Paving the Path to Connectivity: Road Construction

Infrastructure takes a front seat with a $30 million allocation for road construction. These funds will pave the way for better connectivity, safer travel, and economic growth.

EarlyON Center in Hanover: Fostering Early Development

The establishment of a new EarlyON center in Hanover is a testament to the County's dedication to early childhood development, offering a nurturing environment for the youngest members of our community.

Lifesaving Services: A New Paramedic Base in Durham

Plans for a new paramedic services base in Durham underscore Grey County's commitment to emergency services and public safety, ensuring faster response times and better coverage.

A Tough Decision: The Grey Transit Route Funding Cut

In every budget, tough decisions are inevitable. Approximately $438,000 will be withdrawn from the Grey Transit Route. This could lead to reduced service levels, a decision not taken lightly but necessary in the grand scheme of fiscal responsibility.

The Road Ahead: What's Next for the 2024 Budget

The budget is set for further refinement, with council-approved changes to be incorporated. The final step in this financial journey will be the official bylaw adoption, scheduled for presentation on January 11, 2024.


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