Ensuring First Responder and Patient Safety with Rowland Emergency's Cot-Mounted Solutions

Ensuring First Responder and Patient Safety with Rowland Emergency's Cot-Mounted Solutions

In emergency medical services, safety, reliability, and efficiency are paramount. For paramedics and first responders, each second is crucial and can make a significant difference in patient outcomes. With our innovative Cot-Mounted Solutions designed for the ZOLL X-Series® Monitor and the Stryker LifePak® 15 Monitor, Rowland Emergency is setting new safety standards in emergency medical care.

This article, the first in a series of three, will focus exclusively on the safety aspects of these solutions, contrasting them with table top mounted solutions, and examining why Rowland Emergency's Cot-Mounted Solutions offer a superior level of safety for both first responders and patients.

Precision-Engineered for Reliability

Compatibility and Certification

One of the most pressing concerns in EMS is the compatibility and interoperability of equipment. Rowland Emergency has addressed this concern by designing our Cot-Mounted Solutions to be fully compatible with the ZOLL X-Series® and Stryker LifePak® 15 Monitors. These blocks and poles affix to Stryker stretchers, ensuring a seamless and safe operation. Furthermore, each mounting pole is certified and tested according to stringent Ministry of Health standards, adding an additional layer of credibility and safety.

Material Quality and Durability

Durability and strength are vital when it comes to medical equipment that will be used in mission critical situations. The use of high-density aluminum blocks provides these mounting solutions with the sturdiness required for rugged environments. Furthermore, the stainless-steel spring-loaded pin mechanism locks the pole securely, further enhancing safety during transport or operation.

Advantages Over Table Top Mounted Solutions

Reduced Risk of Equipment Misplacement and Misuse

EMS personnel operate in fast-paced, often chaotic environments. Traditional table top-mounted defibrillators are prone to being cumbersome, improperly placed, or redundant due to lack of operability. Cot-Mounted Solutions by Rowland Emergency have been specifically designed to mitigate these risks by securing the defibrillator or ventilator to the cot, which ensures immediate accessibility and functional integrity of the equipment when needed most. Protects the monitor as well. 

Simplified Workflow and Primary Focus

By firmly attaching the defibrillator to the cot, Rowland Emergency’s solutions enable first responders to focus on patient care rather than worrying about equipment placement or stability. This ease of use not only speeds up workflow but also reduces the likelihood of errors, thereby enhancing patient safety.

Unprecedented Flexibility

360-Degree Range of Motion

Traditional mounting solutions often restrict the equipment's range of motion, which can be detrimental during a medical emergency when every angle and vantage point matters. Rowland Emergency's poles offer a 360-degree range of motion, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and safety, allowing first responders to focus on the patient.

Specifics of the ZOLL X-Series® and Stryker LifePak® 15 Platforms

ZOLL X-Series® Platform

The ZOLL X-Series® Monitor has been specifically designed from the ground up, going through fifteen years’ worth of iterations to reflect our dedication to quality, service, and innovation. Within this, we’ve included our dual locking system to reflect first responder peace-of-mind with visual and auditory cues that afford patient and first responder safety.

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Stryker LifePak® 15 Platform

The Stryker LifePak® 15 Monitor benefits from a pre-existing hang mount system, providing even easier and quicker access to the defibrillator with the use of a durable aluminum sliding latch. With four strategically located earth magnets and an integrated chemically resistant, ultra high molecular weight plastic be sure to find consistently smooth and reliable operation when securing the defibrillator.

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Competitive Edge in EMS

Budget constraints are a real concern for many healthcare organizations. Rowland Emergency addresses this by providing solutions that are not only lighter than those of competitors but also more cost-effective. This dual advantage enables healthcare organizations to equip their EMS teams with state-of-the-art solutions without straining their budgets, thereby affecting a positive change in patient and responder safety.

Custom-Made Solutions

Rowland Emergency also offers the capability to custom-make mounting solutions, ensuring that unique or specialized EMS needs (critical care, neonatal, ECMO transport) are catered for. This adaptability demonstrates a direct commitment to meeting the practical and safety needs of EMS organizations.


Rowland Emergency's Cot-Mounted Solutions offer a seamless integration of safety, efficiency, and versatility. These attributes are critically important in EMS environments, where the stakes are invariably high. By eliminating many of the limitations associated with traditional table top mounting solutions and offering products that are more innovative, lightweight and cost-effective than those of competitors, we are forging a new path in EMS safety.

As EMS professionals continue to grapple with the daily challenges of providing quick and efficient care in highly stressful situations, Rowland Emergency stands out. 

Stay tuned for our next article in this series, where we will delve deeper into the efficiency aspects of our Cot-Mounted Solutions.

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