Canadian Call to Action: Protecting Our Paramedics

Canadian Call to Action: Protecting Our Paramedics

Overview: A Nation's Unwavering Support for Paramedic Safety

In the heart of Canadian society, a significant issue has emerged, highlighting the need for stronger legal protection of healthcare professionals, particularly paramedics. A recent survey, spearheaded by the Paramedic Association of Canada and conducted by Abacus Data, has shone a spotlight on the overwhelming public consensus regarding this issue.


The Urgent Need for Legislative Change

Bill C-321: A New Hope for Paramedic Safety

Cariboo-Prince George Conservative MP Todd Doherty has introduced Bill C-321, a groundbreaking legislation aimed at amending the Criminal Code of Canada. This bill proposes to recognize assaults on healthcare workers, including paramedics, as an aggravating factor in sentencing, potentially increasing penalties for such offenses.


Canadians' Perspective: A Call for Enhanced Protection

The survey conducted across Canada involved 3,150 adult participants, revealing an undeniable concern for the safety of paramedics. An impressive 84% of Canadians recognize violence against paramedics as a national issue, with a significant portion considering it a major problem. This concern transcends regional, demographic, and political boundaries, signaling a unified stance on the matter.



Public Opinion: Strong Backing for Tougher Laws

The Statistics Speak: A Resolute Stance on Paramedic Safety

A staggering 83% of Canadians support the idea of amending the Criminal Code to categorize violence and assault against paramedics as a more serious offense. This overwhelming support is consistent across Canada and is shared almost equally among supporters of different political parties.



The Wider Implications: A Reflection of Trust and Respect

Canadians not only respect and trust their paramedics but also recognize the need for their enhanced protection. This sentiment is echoed in the survey, indicating a near-unanimous agreement on the severity of assaults against paramedics.


Insights into the Survey Methodology

Conducted from April 24 to 28, 2023, the survey used a representative sample of Canadians to ensure a comprehensive and accurate reflection of public opinion. The margin of error for this survey is +/- 1.8%, indicating a high level of reliability in its findings.


The Paramedic Association of Canada: A Pillar of Advocacy

The Paramedic Association of Canada, as a leading professional organization, plays a crucial role in advocating for the welfare and safety of paramedics. For more information about their efforts and mission, contact Pierre Poirier at or visit

In conclusion, the call for action in protecting Canada's paramedics is loud and clear. The survey results not only highlight a pressing issue but also showcase the collective will of Canadians to ensure the safety and respect of those who dedicate their lives to saving others.


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