Certified Mounting Solutions for First Responders

Safe, Versatile and Efficient Mounting Solutions by Rowland Emergency

First responder and patient safety is of utmost importance. With the advent of real-world data, it's increasingly evident that cot-mounted solutions help provide a continuum of care in mission critical situations.

Transform Your EMS Operations

As the industry-leading choice for custom EMS solutions, Rowland Emergency has developed a safe, versatile and efficient product that allows first responders to effectively mount the defibrillator to the stretcher. In addition, we offer our critical care transport solutions, our innovative oxygen carry and our ergonomic pull handle.

Not only do these products improve patient and first responder safety, it prevents projectiles in the case of a crash.

Certified to Ministry of Health standards, join the vast majority of services who have already adopted Rowland Emergency as their industry partner. Certified for the ZOLL® X-Series®, Stryker® LIFEPAK 15®, Maquet® CARDIOHELP® for extracorporeal circulation and Hamilton-T1® Ventilator for interhospital transport and many more.