Product Success Stories: Specialized Critical Care Transport Solutions

Critical Care Transport

Time and again, clients rely on our expertise to develop custom mounting solutions that ensure the absolute safety of patients and operators alike.


Critical care transport involves moving critically ill patients from facilities where the patients’ needs exceed the available resources, to places that meet their needs while maintaining a specialized level of care. Specialized care requires keeping all equipment within the vehicle secure during emergency transport, whether it be on land or land-to-air. Unfortunately, a care gap exists when a multitude of specialized critical care equipment is required for one platform.


Rowland Emergency creates critical care and neonatal transport mounting solutions (brackets, mounts, adapter kits and poles) to secure specialized equipment such as monitors, humidifiers (Airvo 2), pumps (EMCO, IV, perfusion & infusion), critical care ventilators (Hamilton-T1), Ferno PacRac & PacRac+, CardioHelp, thermal regulation (CritiCool) and more.


Many EMS providers (land and air) as well as hospitals (such as SickKids) have come to rely upon our extensive and integrated critical care and neonatal transport mounting solutions.